Top Myrtle Beach Activities for Families to Indulge In

December 14th, 2019

South Carolina's Myrtle Beach, located on the Atlantic Coast, is the place to visit if you're a family looking for a fun vacation.

With its beautiful beaches, famous golf courses, and pretty parks, it is a treat for adults and children alike. But wait. That is not all. It is also a really pocket-friendly destination.

● Beachtime: Even though there is no end to attractions in Myrtle Beach, the beach itself remains its biggest seller. With over 60 feet of golden sand, perfect weather, and a glorious sunset, it cannot be more picturesque. It also has lots of adventure sports and activities, so your children can have fun while you get that perfect tan in the sun.

● Skywheel and Amusement Park: The Myrtle Beach Amusement Park is a real crowd-puller. The beautiful and fun rides, specifically the Skywheel, gives you the best view of the coastline, spread over sixty miles. As you take a spin on the skywheel, gazing at the pristine, blue water of the Atlantic and the golden beach, you are going to love every moment of your stay here.

● Myrtle Beach State Park: This particular attraction brings not only tourists, but also locals, as you can never have enough of it, and for a good reason too. Be it the Atalaya Castle or just a nice, calm, romantic walk on the pier, Myrtle Beach State Park has something for everyone. You can always take a romantic moment with your partner, as your children explore the aesthetic castle.

● Kayaking Adventure: If adventure runs in your blood, this one is for you. If you have a bucket list of crazy outdoor things to do, Kayaking will find a place in it. Let the Adrenaline rush take you and your family on an adventure that you will remember and cherish for a lifetime.

● Brookgreen Gardens: For animal lovers, Brookgreen Gardens is a must-visit. Spread over 9000 acres, and home to countless flora and fauna, this place is, quite literally, a paradise. It also happens to house the largest collection of American sculptures outdoor, with inputs from over 400 sculptors.

● Broadway: Certainly, you would want to take back souvenirs and gifts for friends and family? Broadway is just the place for that. A beautiful shopping center to collect memories you can bring back home. Additionally, it also has lots of fun activities and a mesmerizing fireworks display that will enthrall one and all.

● Museum and Church: Finally, for those who wish to know a bit more about the history, culture, and spirituality of Myrtle Beach, you need to visit the beautiful museums. The Franklin G. Burroughs - Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum and the St. Andrew’s Catholic Church, are a must-visit. Rediscover yourself and the place on your next visit to Myrtle Beach.

Vacations are meant to revitalize the body and the soul. It helps you get out of the routine, drab life, and spend some quality time with your family, having fun and making memories that will last a lifetime. And Myrtle Beach is just the destination you are looking fo r.

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