The Best Dog-Friendly Places in Myrtle Beach

September 17th, 2019

In the mechanical lives people lead today, frequent vacations are necessary to keep you alive and humane. While travelling is getting modern and enhanced each day, old-fashioned trips like beach holidays, are both relaxing and amazing. However, holidays without your beloved pets are a big no-no.

There are many technical issues like who will take care of them, feed them, or attend them. Nevertheless, the main issue is that you would not want to have fun without them. Especially because DOGS LOVE BEACH holidays!

Here are a few dog-friendly places your canine will absolutely love, and so will you –


Myrtle Beach is a very dog-friendly place. There are about more than ninety-three restaurants, burger joints, oceanfront dining, eateries, cafes and, ice-cream counters, outdoor eating-houses for your furry friend. Since the South Carolina Department of Health and Environment Control bans any pets or animals near a place where food is stored, prepared, displayed or served, finding restaurants that let dogs in is a huge relief. Bone Appetit!

North Myrtle Beach Sports Complex

Located just over the main-street connecter, this new establishment has a unique Dirty Dawg Pet Wash Dog Park along with two 3-acre areas with separate fenced playgrounds with strong boundaries for small and large dogs. It also has walking and parking trails, more than seven picnic spots and lot more. North Myrtle Beach Sports Complex Park is also used for festivals, concerts, and tournaments, so if you are lucky enough, you and your dog might have a gala time.

Huntington Beach State Park

Huntington Beach State Park is located on the extreme southern section of the Myrtle Beach. Trust me when I say this, it is every nature lover’s dream come true! It is considered a landmark of South Carolina with about three miles of beach and park, a lovely spot for pets. You can play Frisbee or take you pup on a stroll on the amazing walking trails this park offers. This park also offers RV, tent facilities, electrical hookups, hot shower and restrooms for you to go on a nightlong adventure with your pet. It also provides bird watching, salt-water, and freshwater fishing, exploring Atalaya castle, and others. Your pet is more than welcome in all the parts except inside the castle and the extreme north end of the beach.

Barefoot Landing

It is one of the most happening places around the place as it offers you to eat, hang out and shop with your pets. Dogs are welcomed and taken care of in almost all shops, boutiques, and restaurants in Barefoot Landing.

The Beach

The beach is what every dog dreams of. Chasing seagulls, running aimlessly, spend time with their favorite human, leaping through waves, digging for hidden treasures in the sand and more. There is no end to the number of activities they crave for doing on the beach and Myrtle is a wonderful place to make your four-legged friends enjoy.

The beach also has doggie-bag stations for easing cleaning after your dog. Although there are some rules to be followed during tourist seasons. You must always keep your dog on leash. It is for their safety and the safety of the other vacationers.

From 16 September to 14 May, the dogs are allowed around the clock on the beach.

From 15 May to 15 September, the dogs are prohibited on the beach between 10 AM and 5 PM.

Now that you know the places, you can visit with your dog, plan the vacation as soon as possible and take your furry friend for some fun under the sun.