Myrtle Beach Dining Guide: Top Local Restaurants You Need to Check Out

February 05th, 2018

The South Carolina shore is something everyone should experience at least once in their life.

If you're lucky, this is a destination you become very familiar with over the years.

Have you recently started making Myrtle Beach an annual getaway?

Are you gearing up to discover this area for the first time?

Whether you are a veteran vacationer or a first-timer, you've got to do Myrtle Beach the right way.

This means finding the best place to stay and taking up as much time as possible by the sea. It also means eating at only the most delicious local restaurants in Myrtle Beach.

Not sure where to start digging in?

Don't worry - we have the list you need for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Here are the top eight local restaurants in Myrtle Beach to check out.

1. The Bagel Factory

Bagels are always a good idea.

Classic New York bagels are even better.

That is what you can expect to find at The Bagel Factory. The shop is owned by long-time New Yorkers who traded their city life and snowy streets for a beach town.

Years later, locals and visitors alike are still lining up for all three meals of the day.

2. Dagwood's Deli

If bagels aren't your thing, maybe a hoagie is more up your alley.

You can get fresh-baked hoagies at Dagwood's.

This deli is attached to a pub, but it is as family-friendly as can be. The rolls are made every morning, the service is welcoming, and the food is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

3. Croissant's Bistro and Bakery

Although there's nothing like a sandwich by the beach, sometimes, you may be craving something a bit more upscale.

Turn your regular lunch into a fun little outing at Croissant's.

This chic bakery and bistro has everything you need to satisfy your hunger. Stop by in the morning for the perfect cup of coffee and something sweet for the road.

Or, stay and eat during lunch or dinner time.

If you're planning to celebrate a special event, be sure to call Crossaint's. The special-made cakes are something you won't want to miss.

4. Peaches Corner

It's nice to dress up and make a day of a nice brunch.

But, then there are times you just want something to hit the spot.

Peaches Corner is among the top local restaurants in Myrtle Beach that can do just that. Peaches has been serving foot-long hot dogs and draft beers since before the '50s.

This is a stop that is well-known among Myrtle Beach locals and visitors.

It just doesn't feel like summer without splashing around in the ocean and heading to Peaches to refuel and relax. Check in with the crowds passing by as you munch on some of America's favorite comfort food.

5. Horry's Restaurant

Speaking of comfort food, head to Horry's Restaurant for food that is satisfying, yet simple.

This is a fish camp that knows how to pile a plate high and make sure every bite counts. All the food is made from scratch, from the fish dishes to the onion rings to the specialty sweets.

If you can't decide what to order, try the lunch special. It's something different every day but it is always something you are sure to enjoy.

Are you in town during the winter? Come back in for oyster roasts!

6. Mr. Fish

What do you do if you want a classic fish fry, but someone in the vacation group is trying to watch their weight?

Don't split up the gang for lunch. Head to Mr. Fish instead.

Mr. Fish has something for the whole family.

Here, you can order your meal any way you like. Fry it, steam it, boil it, stick it in sushi or shuck it on a half shell, there's an option you are sure to enjoy. You can even ask for your fish over grits!

Plus, there's a local fish market next door.

Not only does this mean you know the food is fresh, it means you can cook at home a few times instead of relying on local restaurants in Myrtle Beach for every meal.

7. Fire and Smoke

As much as the beach may make you crave the freshest fish around, you may want a steak at some point of your trip.

Head to Fire and Smoke for a little bit of everything the best local restaurants in Myrtle Beach have to offer.

Get a beautifully cut, perfectly cooked steak or stick to the sea fare. Maybe choose one of the classic comfort food items that are made with a bit of a modern twist.

Either way, you can't go wrong.

From the farm-to-table approach, the quality of service, and the outright delicious dishes, every detail is worth celebrating.

8. Collector's Cafe and Gallery

There are some local restaurants in Myrtle Beach that just get it right.

Then, there are those that go above and beyond offering outstanding food.

The Collector's Cafe and Gallery is more than phenomenal eats and tasty treats.

It is a high-end art gallery, too.

At this restaurant, you can dine, take in the beautiful art, and take a moment to stare into the eyes of someone special. Collector's Cafe and Gallery is quite the romantic escape for mom and dad to enjoy during the family vacation.

Come for drinks and discover the displays or stay for the evening and enjoy a full course meal.

Whatever your foodie heart desires, you are sure to find it here.

Taste the Best Local Restaurants in Myrtle Beach

At the end of the day, it's hard to have a bad time in Myrtle Beach.

Between how family and dog-friendly the community is, the cute local shops and restaurants, and the breathtaking views, this is a vacation you have to put on your bucket list.

Is Myrtle Beach next on your list of destinations to discover?

Great, but there is just one problem - you can't taste all the top local restaurants without having a place to stay!

Contact us today to see what accommodations are available during your vacation.